Swimming Machine

Whether you are an elite swimmer, triathlon competitor, just enjoy a casual swim, or simply would have fun in a lazy river pool, a swimming machine addition to your current pool is an incredible option!

swimming machine

 Swimming machines create a current in your pre-existing or to-be-built pool at your home, wellness club, university, or just about any other pool location. Different uses of swimming machines, also known as swim current machines, are therapy/rehab, competitive swimming/competition, aquatic exercise, relaxation, cross-training, family fun, lazy river, and all-level swimming!

Conveniently installed to pre-existing inground pools, traditional pools, above ground pools, and new pool construction makes a swimming machine an incredibly easy way to hit your goals, entertain the family, and take your skill to the next level.

The leader in swimming machines is from the one and only Endless Pools®. The Fastlane Pro® takes your same pool and gives you a completely different experience. This swimming machine is the most popular, and built for performance. Achieve the versatility of uninterrupted swimming! With a typical pool, you are required to interrupt your swim stroke by turning at each wall. With a swimming machine you are able to practice your form, improve your endurance, and enhance your skill with constant swimming! The resistance current forces you to perfect your form by staying inside the narrow channel.

Fastlane Pro® swimming machine

This video gives a great demonstration of a few of the many ways the FastLane Pro® improves your swimming efficiency dramatically.

The signature Endless Pools resistance current comes pre-programmed with dozens of speed settings to accommodate any skill level. 

There are a few other swimming machines on the market but none that compare to the original Endless Pools Fastlane Pro. The few other options out there of swimming machines are made of plastic with only a few speed settings. 

Swimming Machines and Health Benefits

One of the major reasons swimming is a preferred method for exercise is because it is a low-impact activity. No wear and tear on your joints, similar to the negative effects of running and other popular exercises. Swimming elevates your heart rate with much less impact and stress on the body. The use of swimming with a swimming machine builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. There is no surprise as to why the swimming industry continues to grow in popularity among casual, and competitive athletes. Swimming can help you lose weight, maintain a healthy heart and lungs, tone muscles, build strength, and provides a total body workout as nearly every muscle in your body is worked during a swimming session.