Three Types of Pool Swim Machines

Three Types of Pool Swim Machines

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A swimming machine is a self-contained pump-driven swimming apparatus that allows swimmers to swim in place. Using the pump, the machine accelerates the water past the swimmer, which supports them while in the water and on dry land. Various types of machines are available, but the following three are among the most popular. Read on to discover the advantages and disadvantages of each. A swimming machine will help you improve your overall swimming fitness.

Fastlane Pro

With the Fastlane Pro pool swim machine, your swimming pool will become an all-in-one fitness center, playground, spa, and gym. With 52 adjustable speed settings, the Fastlane makes it easy to workout in any pool. The durable thermoformed acrylic and 316L stainless steel design can withstand corrosion. The Fastlane also features a high-visibility digital LED display and a modular phone jack connection. A 5 HP power unit allows you to place it as far away as 200 feet.

The Fastlane Pro is compatible with most types of swimming pools. Because it hangs on the pool wall, it can fit on just about any size. The Fastlane consists of two parts - the hydraulic Power Unit and the stainless steel Fastlane Swim Unit. Each component is connected to the other via 1/2" hydraulic hoses to keep electricity out of the water. The Fastlane Pro can be installed on a free-form, rectangular, or vinyl pool. It can even be retrofitted on an existing pool.

Endless Pools Elite model

Developed in partnership with Olympic coaches, the Endless Pools Elite pool swim machine helps swimmers improve their stroke and feel for the water. Its large, mirrored swim area lets swimmers work on different angles and details without having to worry about slipping or being too far ahead of the pool's depth. Featuring a two-year warranty, the Elite model is a top choice for training. It can be used for both beginners and seasoned swimmers.

The Elite Swim Machine uses a hydraulically powered propulsion system to create a laminar current that flows wider and deeper than the body and stroke. Its multiple conditioning grills smooth the water and eliminate turbulence, resulting in a pristine, nonturbulent swim current. The Elite is so efficient that top-ranked swimmers and coaches use it to train their students. It's easy to see why.

Fastlane Pro with underwater treadmill

The Fastlane Pro with underwater treadmill pool swim machine is an easy-to-use swimming device that turns any pool into an Endless Water. Its adjustable-speed, smooth current allows you to swim at any pace. It offers both a low-impact cardiovascular workout and the added benefit of hydromassage luxury. It requires no electrical connections poolside. It can be used for aquatic therapy, water aerobics, and water jogging.

The Fastlane Pro is a swimming machine that converts your pool into an all-in-one gym, playground, or spa. The Fastlane Pro features a powerful hydraulic motor, a custom 16" propeller, and an innovative channeling system. The front grill measures 55x40cm and prevents swimmers from being exposed to suction hazards. Designed for pool owners, the Fastlane Pro can be installed on an existing pool.

5 horsepower motor

When selecting a motor for your pool swim machine, you want to look for one with a 5 horsepower capacity. Motors can have variable speeds, ranging from 600 to 3450 RPM. The AMB (American Motor Association) standard also lists the maximum ambient temperature for motors, which is usually around 50 degrees Celsius or 122 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also look for a motor with the designation CONT (Continuous Duty). Lastly, look for the name of the manufacturer and country of construction.

A less than 5-horsepower motor will provide ample power. A high-performance motor won't overheat and will ensure quiet operation. All components are made to last. It's easy to maintain and comes with spare parts. Whether you're looking for a single-phase or a three-phase motor, an EQ Series pump will provide you with the right amount of power and performance.


The cost of a swimming pool swim machine increases with its size and type. Smaller models cost less than twelve feet, while larger swim pools can be 19 feet or more. You should also consider the cost of optional add-ons, such as state-of-the-art filtration and built-in stairs. Purchasing your pool swim machine from a reputable dealer will also keep parts and service costs low. Reputable dealers will also provide you with helpful information to prolong the life of your swim pool equipment.

When it comes to installation costs, you will need to budget for additional fees. Some models require extra electrical work or crane installation. These extra costs can easily add up to $1,500 or more. Once installed, there are a few maintenance costs you will need to pay. You will need to check filter chemicals and change filters regularly, as well as clean your swim spa regularly. This may cost more than the swim machine itself. If you decide to install your swim spa yourself, make sure you have the necessary equipment for installation.