Which Swim Current Machine Should You Buy?

Which Swim Current Machine Should You Buy?

If you're looking for a swim current machine, you've come to the right place. There are a number of different options on the market, but which one should you buy? Here we'll compare the Fastlane, EVAstream, BaduJet super-sport, and ExerSwim, and explain what they have in common. Ultimately, we'll come down to one machine that works well for every person.


The Fastlane swim current machine is a fully adjustable, high-quality system for swimming pools. It can be installed in any backyard pool and is perfect for adding a little extra fun to water fitness and therapy sessions. The machine provides a quiet current to assist in stroke practice and cardio training, and it features multiple settings so that swimmers of all levels can benefit from its use. Endless Pools recommends using the Fastlane during water aerobics and water jogging workouts.

The Fastlane swim unit uses a high-powered hydraulic motor that is completely waterproof, a custom 16-inch propeller, and a revolutionary channeling system. The hydraulic hoses run over the pool coping and into the motor, eliminating the risk of suction. The Fastlane Swim Unit is also safe for children as it has no electrical connections poolside. It also requires no electrical connections and can be installed on a deck or wall.


The EVAstream swim current machine is a versatile swimming machine that will turn any home pool into an attractive water attraction and a professional training facility. This unit simulates the flow of water in a 25-meter swimming pool. The high-speed flow produces a greater water displacement than conventional swimming pools, and the machine allows swimmers to move further away from the machine without hitting the wall. The EVAstream also offers a full training program, including endurance sessions, intervals, and sprints. In addition to the training program, the EVAstream comes with a Piezo3 control unit and 3 pre-programmed workout sessions.

The EVAstream is easy to install and can be mounted flush to the pool's wall with suction cups. It is available in three finishes: stainless steel, impact-resistant PE/PP, and luxury design ABS in white and anthracite. The unit requires a 16-amp 230-volt power connection. For installation, the machine is available with recessed niche and brackets. Once installed, the EVAstream offers a variety of installation options.

BaduJet super-sport

The BaduJet Super-Sport swims current machine has been the world's most popular counter-current swim machine for nearly 50 years. The second generation of the BaduJet swim current machine was designed by Speck to give you even more power and control. These machines are too heavy and large to ship via standard means of transportation, and should be shipped by a reputable company. To make sure that you receive your purchase in the best condition, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

The Badu Jet Super Sport is available with suction and discharge in one piece. It also has an on/off switch, volume control, LED light, air regulator, and thermal overload protection. The Badu Jet super-sport is one of the most popular models available, and the highest level of its line. It is ideal for low-impact exercise, therapy, low-impact workouts, and recreational fun in existing pools.


The ExerSwim swim current machine is a portable swim current generator. It transforms any standard pool into a calming, endless pool. It works by creating a constant current in the water that provides a variety of therapeutic benefits, including hydra-therapy and traditional swimming. It can also be used in a swimming pool for lapless swimming. You can even use it to perform exercises for your back or other joints.

An ExerSwim T&R swim current machine is designed for rehab and therapy purposes. It features variable resistance and is designed for flexible, aquatic workouts. Its ergonomic design makes it simple to install and remove. It can also be used for other types of fitness activities. It can be recharged in a standard 15-amp 110-volt outlet. It can be wheeled up to the pool edge and placed in the water.

Remco SwimJet

A Remco SwimJet swim current machine has seven speeds of adjustable water flow and a hand-held remote controller that is easy to use. This system turns a small pool into an Olympic-sized one, providing calorie-burning and muscle-strengthening current. Even Olympic Gold Medalist Kyle Chalmers uses it for training. Thanks to its innovative design and seven-speed system, it is ideal for a variety of swimming levels, from beginners to advanced swimmers.

Most swim jet systems use three jets to push large volumes of water across your body. Two jets are placed at your shoulders, while the third one is angled upwards at your chest. The three jets create resistance during the workout and are a great choice for therapeutic exercises and water aerobics. A swim jet system can accommodate all levels of swimmers, so you can find one that suits your needs. It also has adjustable speed and pressure settings for a range of different fitness levels.