Fit@Home programmable controller kit

Fit@Home programmable controller kit

Fit@Home programmable controller kit

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With the Endless Pools Fit@Home app/kit, you can pre-program your swim, treadmill run, or both from your smartphone or tablet.* There's no need to interrupt your workout to change your pace or activity.

Endless Pools Fit@Home offers these convenient features, accessible through its intuitive interface:

Fit@Home App
  • Easily program a swim and/or run using Manual Control mode
  • Create and save more advanced workouts with custom time and pace intervals
  • Monitor your workout, with easy-to-read Display Mode
  • Need help? Video Guides in the app will help you with basic functionality. Videos include: Setup, Swim Current, Treadmill, and Workout modes

Designed exclusively by Endless Pools, the app brings the benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to your pool.

Multiple published studies have found HIIT to be an effective way to make rapid health and performance gains. You can use the Endless Pools Fit@Home app to program your own HIIT workout: for example, 30 seconds at a leisurely pace/20 seconds moderate/10 seconds all-out, for five rotations.

* Your purchase of the Fit@Home Kit includes a card pre-configured for Fit@Home Wi-Fi compatibility. You can then download the Endless Pools Fit@Home app for your smart device, connect to your Wi-Fi network, and enjoy your pool time!

Your New Fastlane Pro can come with accessories. Simply add your accessories to your cart when you are ready to order your Fastlane. Click to shop Fastlane Accessories .

Most of our Customers Install their Fastlane Pro on their own. If you would like Professional installation, feel free to reach out, and we will see if we can find somebody in your area. 


Below is more information on how to install your Fastlane Pro: 


Assembly Instructions start on page 28. We are able to assemble the product prior to shipping for an additional cost of $500. If you prefer to assemble it yourself and save the $500, then watch the video below about how to assemble and you can also review assembly Instructions start on page 28.Click Here 




and Installation Instructions start on Page 34: Click Here



Swim Pace Display installation instructions: 


Below are all of the PDF's for the Fastlane Pro:

Fastlane Pro Owners Manual: Click Here

Fastlane Pro Planning Guide: Click Here

Fastlane Pro Check List: Click Here

Fastlane Pro Component Diagram: Click Here

Fastlane Pro Spec Sheet: Click Here

Fastlane Pro HPU Spec Sheet: Click Here

Fastlane Pro Deck Mount Guide Page 1: Click Here

Fastlane Pro Page 2- Click Here

Fastlane Pro® ships directly to your home! Reach out for most current lead times. Lead times are usually 6-10 weeks but reach out for the most up to date!

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