Additional Run Hose for Fastlane Pro 25 Extra ft.

Additional Run Hose for Fastlane Pro 25 Extra ft.

Additional Run Hose for Fastlane Pro 25 Extra ft.

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EndlesIf your equipment is to be placed further than 25' from the pool, you may require longer lengths of hydraulic hose.

Dual-Connecting Hydraulic Hose

The hydraulic hose connects the Swim Unit to the Power Unit. The Power Unit should be placed on a flat surface and can be installed indoors or out up to 75 feet away from the Swim Unit. The Power Unit requires a 220 volt, 30-amp, G.F.C.I. electrical service. Recommended locations include a garage, basement, shed with existing electrical service or next to you pool equipment outdoors. As this is an air-cooled unit and must have ample ventilation, a minimum 12" air space must be provided on all sides of the Power Unit motor. In addition, the Power Unit needs to be reached periodically for maintenance and, therefore, should be placed where easily accessible.

Two lengths of hose are required. One hose, called the "Pressure Line", moves the hydraulic fluid from the Power Unit to the poolside valve, submerged hydraulic motor, and propeller in the Swim Unit. The second hose, called the "Return Line", returns the fluid from the hydraulic motor in the Swim Unit to the Power Unit.

Two hoses up to 25 feet in length are provided as part of the standard system. If you require a pair of shorter hoses, please let us know. Run hose kits longer than 25' carry a surcharge of $5 per foot.

Your New Fastlane Pro can come with accessories. Simply add your accessories to your cart when you are ready to order your Fastlane. Click to shop Fastlane Accessories .

Most of our Customers Install their Fastlane Pro on their own. If you would like Professional installation, feel free to reach out, and we will see if we can find somebody in your area. 


Below is more information on how to install your Fastlane Pro: 


Assembly Instructions start on page 28. We are able to assemble the product prior to shipping for an additional cost of $500. If you prefer to assemble it yourself and save the $500, then watch the video below about how to assemble and you can also review assembly Instructions start on page 28.Click Here 




and Installation Instructions start on Page 34: Click Here



Swim Pace Display installation instructions: 


Below are all of the PDF's for the Fastlane Pro:

Fastlane Pro Owners Manual: Click Here

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Fastlane Pro Check List: Click Here

Fastlane Pro Component Diagram: Click Here

Fastlane Pro Spec Sheet: Click Here

Fastlane Pro HPU Spec Sheet: Click Here

Fastlane Pro Deck Mount Guide Page 1: Click Here

Fastlane Pro Page 2- Click Here

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Additional Run Hose for Fastlane Pro 25 Extra ft.
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